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Be safe this Festive Season

Dear Valued Customer

We have just been notified that there is a group of criminals that are allegedly contacting customers and advising them that a Recall Campaign has been issued due to problems with the steering columns on certain vehicles. When the customer offers to bring in the vehicle they are being told that it is not safe to drive and the dealership will arrange for a low bed to collect the vehicle from them.

Customers are then contacted the next day or the day after and told that they are still busy with the vehicle and will be notified as soon as it has been repaired. This is to stall the customer for a day or two and give them time to locate and remove the vehicle tracking devices. 

Customers then inevitably only realise something is amiss a couple of days later when they contact the dealer to follow up on the progress of their vehicle by which time the vehicle is long gone.

Please BE warned of this scam and DO NOT to respond to any calls that you receive on "Recall Campaigns" without first obtaining official confirmation directly from the Dealership and that they should not release their vehicles to anybody, offering to collect as a courtesy under this so called "Recall Campaign".

It’s that time of the year again when we can start to expect to see an increase in scams, frauds and thefts. Let’s please be extra careful and cautious over the next couple of months.

Eastvaal Motors Middelburg


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